Unimax Finance

Project with real usability : Staking, Exchange, Market Making, Redeem Voucher game with token, And Many more.

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UNEX Staking

uni Ethereum ($3086.13) 2.5154%
Earn Stake rewards up to 2.520%(APR)

Stake Token

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UNEX Rewards

Total Stake : 0.000
Percent : 0.00%/of Total Supply

Unstake Token

UNEX Balances
0.000/0 %
Unstake request submitted successfully, will be confirmed shortly ViewTransaction

How to :

1. Click the connect button if you use metamask or click the update button if you use a dapps browser such as trust wallet or imtoken.
2. Enter the amount of unex you wish to stake (You need to approve transaction first), then click the stake button.
Please wait for the transaction to be confirmed.

3. If you want to withdraw a token, please enter the nominal in the unstake token column and click the unstake button.
4. If you already have a stake rewards balance please click the claim button.
5. For transaction fees you can edit gas according to the ethereum network, you can check gas prices at https://ethgasstation.info

Unimax finance is a new generation of Centralized Exchange, Based on communities with real ecosystems