Unimax Finance

Project with real usability : Staking, Exchange, Market Making, Redeem Voucher game with token, And Many more.

Uniswap Unimax Exchange

Public Sale

× Public sale not reached softcap, You can return your ETH by clicking the Claim refund button.
Public Sale live now
Web3 Connected : no

My Wallet

My Address : 0x000000000000000000
ETH Balances : Web3 not connected.
UNEX Balances : Web3 not connected.

Buy token

Enter amount of ETH you want to buy

Token Rate

Rate: 0

Total Supply :15.000.000

How to :

1. Click the connect button if you use metamask or click the update button if you use a dapps browser such as trust wallet or imtoken.
2. Enter the amount of ethereum you wish to buy, then click the buy button. Please wait for the transaction to be confirmed.
3. You can withdraw tokens after the public sale ends.
4. Edit gas limit to 200000 for claim refund

Unimax finance is a new generation of Centralized Exchange, Based on communities with real ecosystems